This is a photograph of William Jasper Smith. Jasper was born in Anderson County in 1848 to William B Smith and Elizabeth Duncan Smith. His ancestors were among the first to settle what would become Anderson County. He was highly involved in the affairs of Anderson County. In the 1880's/90's he served as a constable for the 8th district. In the 1910's he served on the Anderson County school board, he was a school teacher after the Civil War and remained very involved in the schools. In the 1920's he began writing weekly newspaper articles in the Anderson County News. In these articles he wrote about the history of Anderson County, his family history, and the history of many families in Anderson County. These articles are a treasure to researchers today. To many during this time he became known as the "historian of Anderson County." Jasper died in 1932 at the age of 84, living his entire life in Anderson County. He is buried in the Robertsville cemetery.